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Why Wouldn't You Trust a Company With 42+ Years of Experience?

Finding a reliable local moving company can be complicated. That’s why you should turn to a company that knows what they’re doing. Cross Town Movers has been providing local moving services in Mills, Evansville, Cheyenne & Casper, WY since 1980. Recently, we underwent new management to make sure you continue to get the best local moving services possible.

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Our local moving company will respect you and your stuff. We’ll make sure your items arrive to their destination intact. Call 307-265-8291 today to ask about our hourly rates.

We're Residential and Small Business Moving Experts

Trust us to transport your belongings safely
Joshua Beacham
Joshua Beacham
I would highly recommend Cross Town Movers for anybody needing moving services! A+ customer service, quick, and the price wasn't overwhelming. Thanks Cross Town Mocers for the hard work!!
I would highly recommend these guys for any and all moving services! Just had them relocate my new business office. Super fast, more than fair pricing, and the customer service was fantastic. Thank you Cross Town Movers for the A++++++ job.
Craig Cunningham
Craig Cunningham
Cross Town Movers just got me moved into my new home. I had a lot of very expensive furniture and antiques that I was very worried about getting damaged during the move. Not a scratch on anything the movers did amazing. Also they were very fast, precise, and most importantly professional. Thank you Cross Town Movers!!! Highly recommend these guys.
Joshua Lackey
Joshua Lackey
Had Cross Town move me from Casper to Gillette. The customer service was phenomenal. The guys worked their butt's off to get the move done efficiently and fast. The price was more than fair. Thank you Cross Town Movers!
Dan Sedlacek
Dan Sedlacek
Excellent job from these guys, they love to work and were more helpful. These guys get my respect. Thank you guys
Kelly Eastes
Kelly Eastes
Matthew was our lead guy. They were a little early, but called first to make sure it was ok . They were efficient and professional and got our project done without any issues. I definitely recommend this company.
Ryan Thompson
Ryan Thompson
They got the job done fast, and nothing got broke????

Take the stress out of moving

Packing and unpacking a moving truck is like playing a massive game of Tetris. Our team will handle all the hard work for you so you don’t have to work up a sweat. Whether you’re moving an entire office or just the contents of your home, Cross Town Movers will streamline the process for you.

Insured and experienced professionals

Moving involves a lot of variables and checklists. Instead of worrying about every tiny detail, let our team help lighten the load. We offer comprehensive moving services to take care of everything for you. All you have to do is put your personal items in boxes. After that, our team will load every box onto a moving truck for you.

We make moving easy. Rely on our residential movers or commercial movers for your upcoming move in Mills, Evansville & Casper, WY.